About PolyDrop

slide4 PolyDrop originated inside the halls of the University of Washington. Our material science development process has been patented and is currently integrated at industrial giants of aerospace and coatings industry. PolyDrop has developed an innovative conductive polymer additive for coatings, composites, batteries, marine (anticorrosion), textiles, floor and electronic applications.

To date, industry coating additives, such as metallic based fillers and carbon-based nanomaterials, have been non-transparent and require up to 60 percent weight loadings, which dramatically reduces the integrity and adhesion of the carrier paint or composite. Polydrop addresses this issue by creating a non-metal, lightweight conductive polymer additive that can be formulated into existing coatings and plastics to transform them into conductive coatings or composites.

We use a fully organic additive to allow for compatibility and low-loadings, which maintains the original coating quality. The viscosity of our additive can be customized to match the carrier paint properties for simple product integration. The flexible Polydrop technology platform opens opportunities in markets beyond conductive coatings. We are also optimizing additives for active corrosion inhibitive coatings, battery technology, conductive inks and electronics sectors.

Meet Our Directors

CEO & Founder, Volha Hrechka, has a B.S. , has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and created PolyDrop from her design research at the University of Washington. Ms. Hrechka has won multiple awards and grants through her research and entrepreneurship.

CTO , Dr. Leah Riley, was previously an executive at global energy storage leader, EnerG2. Dr. Riley led the development of three brand new polymer-based materials for clean technology over 5 years, from conception to large metric ton-scale manufacturing and has worked in materials development for over 10 years. She is an author of over a dozen materials patent filings and has managed scientific and engineering teams for rapid innovation and commercialization.

Scientific Director, Dr. Lilo D. Pozzo, is an Associate  is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the UW, leading a research group centered on self-assembled nano-materials. Lilo advises graduate students researching new applications for PolyDrop technology as a sub-contract of our NSF STTR grant and also provides technical expertise and grant writing experience.

If you or your company is interested in becoming an investor partner with PolyDrop, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the opportunities in detail.