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PolyDrop DISTAT™

Safety Data Sheet | Product Sheet (PDF)

PEDOT Conductive Polymer

Conductive Polymer Data Sheet

PolyDrop DISTAT™ is a family of antistatic materials based on PEDOT chemistry. The unique properties of this conductive polymer include ESD surface resistivity, flexibility and transparency, supporting a wide range of applications and uses.

PolyDrop DISTAT™ is an antistatic paste can either be used directly in a product or process, but can also be pre-formulated with water, aromatic-based solvents, or resin binders and then applied to various surfaces.

PolyDrop Distat™ conductive additives provide customers with key advantages over other solutions:

  • ESD PROTECTION: Dissipate charge build-up to protect from ESD damage
  • TRANSPARENCY/COLOR: Preserve original product color specifications
  • TEXTURE: Retain original texture and surface feel of original carrier coating
  • STRONG ADHESION: Increased adhesion when compared to existing conductive coatings
  • LOW VISCOSITY: Small viscosity increase of paint upon addition of conductive additive
  • IMPROVED COATING LIFETIME: Reduced maintenance/repainting costs
  • ECONOMIC: Cost-effective additive that aligns with existing manufacturing processes

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